Our Story

The GyShiDo Origin Story

GyShiDo is all about razor sharp focus and the art & craft of simply getting things done. GyShiDo is a movement. This is our story.

The term “GyShiDo” was coined by Will and Daniel during a run through Aspen’s Maroon Bells where they came up with the expression. A few weeks later, over gin & tonics and ginger beers in Boulder, Colorado in the summer of 2012 Daniel and Pascal discussed their respective super-powers — and both mentioned their ability to “just get shit done” as probably their most pronounced capability. Daniel introduced the term GyShiDo to Pascal. And out of this ensued a lively discussion on the principles of Getting Your Shit Done — which became the GyShiDo movement.

A little while ago the amazing folks at DOJO4, a full-service design agency specialized in working with the world’s most impactful organizations, reached out — they just went ahead, hauled ass and designed the GyShiDo robots and the manifesto poster for the communtiy!

Now it’s your turn — join the movement and become a GyShiDo–San!